Vision 365: Mastering the Everyday Practice of Seeing

Just recently, Henry Fernando released a new ebook called 'Vision 365: Mastering the Everyday Practice of Seeing'. It's not your standard 365 project that you might find online. Also it does not contain the usual tips and tricks; rather, this eBook is a nice reminder that it’s the practice of photography that trains your eye to see not only the spectacular and obvious, but the small, ordinary, and every day things that you might not necessarily think about as being photo-worthy. Some of the assignments are repeated fairly regularly in order to make you consider a different angle, composition or even subject.

I picked up a copy of this book and decided to follow along and hopefully flex my creative muscles on an everyday basis, as opposed to a couple of times a week. As such some of the work will be a departure from my normal work but hopefully you'll enjoy it anyway. Each Monday I'll post a collection of the previous 7 days of my 365, starting today...

001 - Photograph something that belongs to someone special. A keepsake or an item that has sentimental value.

002 - Photograph a pet

003 - Photograph colour

004 - Photograph light and shadow

005 - Photograph colour

006 - Photograph a circle

007 - Photograph a subject with dominant negative space