I've been quiet, I know!


I hope everyone is keeping well. This post is partly to let you know that I still exist and partly to let you know what I've been doing and what's coming up soon. 

So, where to begin?

I've taken a little time away from here recently, mainly as I have a new project that I'm really focussed on but also to get away from the noise. When I say noise I mean monotony, boredom, the soul sapping crap that seems to be populating our news feeds, our facebook feeds and everything in between. I wanted to take a step away from my social media (You may have noticed the disappearance of my social icons) as it was doing very little to inspire me. In all honesty it has been frustrating me and I needed a break away from it to recharge and re-energise my creative spark.

I'm feeling good now though. I have some fresh ideas, some thoughts and a new direction (more on that to come in the future). During my break I've come to appreciate the little things, the details in life that we're often to busy to notice as we rush around filling our day. I've slowed down, I've stopped and considered the form, the shape, the structure of everyday things that so often pass us by. I've been photographing these details with only my smartphone. That's my challenge and there's no better forum with which to share this kind of mini project than on instagram. The last couple of weeks you will have seen the early stages of this if you follow my instagram feed. Many of them are natural/geology related (As a Geologist by trade, I can't help myself). All of them are natural objects, forming interesting shapes and patterns. I'll continue with this for a little while I think. I'm enjoying the slower pace...

What else is going on?

I'm very busy in the background making some connections and with this I will be trialling and reviewing some new (to me) products. The first is a new type of paper that I've come across from a company called Permajet. I met with a Permajet rep at a recent Expo and had a good conversation about their products. They have a beautiful range of papers that I have offered to put through their paces and review them for Permajet. From what I've seen so far from the feel of the samples, I'm very excited. The demo prints that I've seen look stunning so I can't wait to try them for myself. If i like the results there is the possibility that I may become a brand ambassador for Permajet which would be excellent for both them and myself. A review will appear sometime next week.

Another new thing for me is the trial of a different brand of editing software. I'm having a play with Capture One Pro 7 built by the folks at Phase One. This is not new software but another alternative to the Adobe range of products and their continual insistence that we join their subscription based model (Which I'm not a fan of). To give you an idea of how it fits in, it's somewhere between Lightroom and Photoshop but very powerful in it's own right and could be a replacement for Lightroom if all goes well. I'll have a review of it sometime soon too.

That's about it from me I think?

I apologise if it's been a bit long and tedious but hopefully you hung in there until the end, which is now...

Take care,