InFocus Australasia, Issue #21


One of my recent photographs (Shorncliffe Pier) has been featured in the "Reader's gallery" of InFocus Australasia magazine, issue 21. InFocus is a magazine created and distributed by the excellent Sydney based commercial photographer, Ben Hosking. The magazine is created especially for the iPad so if you are interested in having a look then you can do so by clicking this LINK and downloading the latest issue.

Shorncliffe Pier

Close To Home


Often we find that certain tasks or projects, personal or work related, tend to drift on and sometimes even begin to take a new direction. My "Close to Home" project is one such example. Originally I had planned to go and photograph a few locations over the period of a month and that would be that. Well, in order for me to do the project some justice it's now going to be an ongoing affair. I want to be able to represent the place that I call home in the best possible manner and this is something that simply shouldn't be rushed. 

My new intention for this project is that I will run with it, at least until the end of this year. This will enable me to bring to you my vision of the area that I live in as it changes through the coming seasons. I want this to be a carefully crafted and documentary series of photographs so we'll see how it goes!

Take care,