Light and Landscape Magazine - Issue 11 (Sketching Landscapes)


The latest issue (issue 11) of Light and Landscape Magazine is now live! 

Click on the link below to take you through to the website where you can download the latest issue onto your iPad.

This issue contains an article that I wrote called "Sketching Landscapes", where I discuss the value of editing your images as you shoot and retaining and learning from the photographs that you might otherwise decide not to keep.

Please continue to support this excellent magazine. It's time to grab a coffee, sit down and enjoy the latest news and opinion in Landscape photography. 


In Focus Australasia - Issue 22 is live


Just a quick note to remind you that 'In Focus Australasia" have published their latest issue (issue 22). Once again some of my work has been featured in the magazine's photo gallery. One of my most popular photographs from the last few months (Fallen Skies) was picked up again on Flickr and included in the magazine.

You can download the latest issue of the magazine by following this link 

 'Fallen Skies' can be seen below, as displayed in the magazine.


Light and Landscape Magazine - Issue 6

I'd just like to point you in the direction of Light and Landscape magazine where an article of mine has just been published in the latest issue (issue 6). Light and landscape magazine is a free to download, iPad only magazine for all things related to landscape photography and more. 

I was recently invited to submit an article by Matt (the editor). The article is called 'Slow Down' and it discusses the topic of slowing down and shooting less frames. The idea being that you consider your subject or scene and produce more higher quality frames by taking the time to get it right first time.

The magazine is still in its infancy but the standard of work, both photography and written pieces is very good, so if you like photography and you like landscapes then I urge you to have a look at it. Here's a handy link.

Take care and enjoy the article, 



InFocus Australasia, Issue #21


One of my recent photographs (Shorncliffe Pier) has been featured in the "Reader's gallery" of InFocus Australasia magazine, issue 21. InFocus is a magazine created and distributed by the excellent Sydney based commercial photographer, Ben Hosking. The magazine is created especially for the iPad so if you are interested in having a look then you can do so by clicking this LINK and downloading the latest issue.

Shorncliffe Pier

New RSS Feed for my blog


First let me say a quick welcome to my new followers and visitors to this website. The latest collection of photographs, Urban Landscapes of The UK, has proved to be one of my most popular bodies of work to date and it seems I've gained some more followers through that collection. So thank you and thanks to all of you for your ongoing support and feedback.

Which, as it happens, brings me onto a feature request that I received yesterday in my inbox. This request was for an RSS feed for my blog. For those of you that don't know about RSS feeds, it's simply a notification process that lets you know when I update the blog, without you having to check for new blog posts.

So to access this new feature, all you need is a form of RSS reader. These can be found in the form of mobile apps, browser extensions and much more. I'd suggest googling "RSS reader" or checking out your app store and you should find one there if you don't already use one. Once you have a reader installed you can navigate to my website, scroll to the bottom of any page and find the "Blog RSS" link in the bottom left corner. Right click and copy this link and add it to your RSS reader's subscription list . It's as simple as that!

Thanks again and have a good evening!