The Fujifilm X-T1, first jpegs..

Today i managed a short trip out up to the forests of Mount Coot tha, overlooking Brisbane. My plan was to see how the jpegs turn out from the new Fuji X-T1. As it happens they are just as beautiful as the previous line of Fuji X cameras that have the X-Trans CMOS II sensor. I'm really surprised how good they are and it's even made me contemplate shooting jpegs more often instead of RAW files on work that is not so critical. You can see some examples below of the type of quality that you can expect from the Fuji X-T1 jpegs. All of these images used Fuji's Velvia jpeg setting which is designed to mimic the Velvia film that was produced prior to the digital revolution. Velvia is designed to be more vibrant and is ideally suited to landscape and nature photography. Click each image below to see it in a nice lightbox format.