My Gear


A question that I'm finding that crops up (excuse the pun) more and more frequently these days, both in conversation and my inbox is "What gear do you use?". 

It's not any big secret that I use Fujifim X Series cameras. A look through my blog would certainly give you enough information to deduce that! I do however get asked about the other equipment that I use on a regular basis. Often if I'm out making photographs I may get asked about my filters or which software I use. Sometimes even what computer I use.

Well to help answer these questions I've now created a page on this website (under the "About" heading or click here) specifically to help answer these questions and provide some useful links to the different companies that I use and trust and the excellent range of products that they produce. Please feel free to check out that page. I will also add another page in the near future that lists some of my trusted suppliers and "go to" people for equipment and supplies. Feel free to have a look whenever you wish.

Take care for now,