New Print Store is open! Celebrate with a Christmas Offer Code...

It's that time of year again where some of us start to get very excited about the upcoming festive period, and others of us want to lock ourselves away in a soundproof box. Those of you who know me personally will probably have a good idea of which group I fall in...

For those of you who fall into the first group of people I have a little gift for you to help try and solve the problem that arises every year. What do i get _ _ _ _ for Christmas? For those of you that fall into the latter group, you can share this gift too (Just don't tell the other group... oh, wait...).

So now that the secret is out and both groups know, here's the deal. From right now, every order placed between now and the end of the year, you will receive a discount of 15% off. Just use the offer code XMAS2015 when you checkout. This applies to anything in the Store whether it's in print or digital.

Also to make your lives easier, I've just completed a total revamp of the store. Now it's a very simple process to select and order your print. Just go to the store, find the print that you want, select the edition and checkout! It's as simple as that. I now offer 3 different editions of print; Signature Edition, Art Edition and Open Edition. The differences between the editions can be found by clicking the link to the store, just below. Beware, some of the prints are very much a limited edition so don't delay or you could miss out.

Last thing for now is that I had a large number of requests for one of the prints in my 'Liverpool in Reflections' series to be made available in a solo edition. This was the iconic 'Liver building shot'. So the people have spoken and now you can own this print, on it's own, in a 17"x17" format. These are available in a seriously limited edition of 9 (10 were available but it seems one of you cheeky scamps has got in and bought one as I've been writing this blog post!!!).

So thats all for now. The offer code XMAS2015 is active and awaiting your order. Remember it's 15% off each and every order from now until the end of the year. Follow the link to the store by clicking this button...


Vision 365: Mastering the Everyday Practice of Seeing

Just recently, Henry Fernando released a new ebook called 'Vision 365: Mastering the Everyday Practice of Seeing'. It's not your standard 365 project that you might find online. I picked up a copy of this book and decided to follow along and hopefully flex my creative muscles on an everyday basis, as opposed to a couple of times a week.

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Light and Landscape Magazine - Issue 11 (Sketching Landscapes)


The latest issue (issue 11) of Light and Landscape Magazine is now live! 

Click on the link below to take you through to the website where you can download the latest issue onto your iPad.

This issue contains an article that I wrote called "Sketching Landscapes", where I discuss the value of editing your images as you shoot and retaining and learning from the photographs that you might otherwise decide not to keep.

Please continue to support this excellent magazine. It's time to grab a coffee, sit down and enjoy the latest news and opinion in Landscape photography.